The Principles Behind YouTube Marketing Strategies

You Tube is another method of advertising that if done correctly, can increase any business whether on line or offline. It gives the user the opportunity to strategically place their advertising video on a free, user driven media website. You Tube has become an important viral marketing tool that can either enhance or damage your business. It all depends on how you use it.

You Tube offers product advertising that is consumer driven and completely free. You Tube allows the user complete freedom to advertise products and services to the consumer. A video may be seen by hundreds or thousands of consumers increasing the chance of sales. Advertising campaigns are driven by word of mouth, so if you produce a good video, chances are it will be passed around.

More and more young people are spending more time on the Internet and less time watching television so media sites like YouTube can be an important method of advertising. Videos can become an excellent product marketing strategy.

Have you done a marketing SWOT analysis? This is a process where you look at your marketing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Hence the acronym SWOT. Look at where you’re currently spending your marketing dollars. What’s working and what’s not. What are your marketing opportunities. What’s your competition doing and how does that threaten your market.

A good marketing communication strategy employs a variety of methods to attract consumers. Like any business strategy game, it requires planning to gain a competitive edge. In today’s economy it means finding a competition strategy that allows you to compete without breaking the bank in the process.

Like any other media you choose to put on the Internet, it requires good content to be picked up by Google and the other search engines. Using keywords that people are searching for sprinkled throughout your video will greatly enhance your chances of being seen. Marketing research companies would all advise you to do keyword research before designing your video.

If you have a good source of keywords to work with, use them in your video remembering that you are producing a video for your audience, not just the search engines. You are communicating with people first and the search engines second.

There are several ways to produce a video. You can buy a camera and record your product. You can hire a media firm to produce your video, but that can be expensive and maybe cost prohibitive. You can produce slides on Office Power Point and convert it into a video. The interesting thing is that it may not matter. I’ve seen videos that were done just using a white board that have attracted thousands of visitors. The message is what’s important.

YouTube is an excellent media site to advertise on, but there are many others that will also help you promote your business. To learn more I invite you to visit my website.

Developing a YouTube Marketing Strategy is as important as having a Website Marketing Strategy. You need to understand how the internet works and how to work with it. All it takes is learning the skills needed to take advantage of this wonderful marketing method. If you want to learn more so that you can become successful, I invite you to visit my website: for more information and a FREE Marketing analysis.



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